November 5, 2009

Gettin' Commercialized!

My blog is going commercial soon! Can you believe it? It's such a brand-new little baby blog and it's already going to start earning me a few pennies. Aww.

At least I hope. I'm not really sure how this whole "ads on the blog" thing works. But I'm trusting google to do its thing and keep things classy and on the sidelines. No flashy banners for penis enlargement here, thank you very much.

And I'm trusting all of you (my wonderful, amazing, slowly but steadily growing bunch of loyal readers) to do your homework. Visit me every day! Or twice a day! (Although I would hardly call it homework. With all the wonderfully hilarious and witty things you get to read here, it's a wonder you haven't already set it as your homepage. I know. I'm so amazing. Ha). But seriously, part of the reason I'm doing NaBloPoMo is to give you new material every day, and give you an incentive to visit as often as possible, as a way to kick off this whole AdSense thing.

And I know, I know, these last couple of posts have been pretty dull - all about NaBloPoMo and AdSense (crazy invented words you had probably never seen before visiting here) - so I promise to try to keep things interesting for the last 25 days of November. And all the days after that. I promise.

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