November 27, 2009

Black Friday: What I Would be Buying if I Were Shopping Today

(except I'm in Italy, where black friday doesn't exist, and I have to work anyway, so I won't be shopping today)

But, that doesn't mean I can't indulge in a little bit of virtual window shopping, while I have a lull in my morning. So I bring you my first annual Black Friday Virtual Shopping Spree (this in no way guarantees that there will be a second annual Black Friday Virtual Shopping Spree, but I liked the sound of "first annual").

So starting in the obvious place, let's take a little look at Etsy.

I'm a huge fan of paper goods. I think in my next life (or later in this one, if my lucrative career in the non-profit sector never takes off) I want to own a paper goods store - a Cartoleria, as they are so aptly called in Italy. If I could spend every day surrounded by beautiful cards, notebooks, pens, paper, I would die happy.

This little notebook is adorable,
because it has dots in it!

These amazing fabric and paper cards are so beautiful too.
I think I might have to actually buy them (esp. the winter berries).

But I also love vintage stuff. 

Although it totally isn't my style, I love this amazing vintage vanity.
It would make getting ready in the morning so much more fun.

And this awesome vintage pitcher, with the little blue fish,
I would give to my mom, who has a nice little pitcher collection
(although now if I do get it, it wouldn't be a surprise...darn)
(although I might have some else in mind for her. Don't worry, Maman :)

And of course, I wouldn't be myself if I didn't mention something food related, right? Don't these look delicious?

Yum. Gingershap Chewies.
'nuff said.

Okay, and we're done with Etsy. Actually, I think we're done altogether, since this took me longer than I though and I still have to take a shower and prepare my lesson before I head out. I hope you enjoyed my virtual shopping spree!

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WhimsAndInconsistencies said...

The Buttercup purse pattern is great. I'm making a few of those for Christmas gifts and I made my first one last weekend and it turned out great!

De Lly Dilettante said...

I totally love paper goods too. Especially notebooks. But once I buy them, I don't dare use them. I just want to keep them pretty forever...yeah my handwriting on it would just ruin everything.

Vanessa said...

Black Friday is scary. I have a co-worker who lined up at Best Buy at 5pm Thanksgiving DAY. Ridiculous. I love etsy though, and you've put together a great little wishlist, that notebook is adorable!

Hope you're having a great day/night whatever time it is there =)

Loys said...

Oh I love pretty notebooks! But I always stop myself from buying them because I never know what to write into them.
And those cookies look delicious! :)

Julia said...

i'm notebook addicted too! but i never use them for anything other than as journals... im afraid i'll wreck them by writing something stupid. people have also figured out that it's a gift i like, so im constantly getting blank notebooks as gifts. i guess i should start using them. its sort of like when you were little and you had a new box of markers that you never used because you were afraid that by using them you would use them up, but then they eventully dried out (and were useless) because of lack of use. and you never got to color with them. that happened to me all the time. at least notebooks dont dry up!