November 29, 2009

101 in 1001

I jumped on the 101 in 1001 bandwagon. It's kind of boring, because everyone else is doing it, but I do think that setting out and trying to stick to realistic goals in a realistic time frame isn't a stupid idea. 1001 days (which is exactly 2 years, 271 days) is a long enough amount of time to try to make things happen, but it's short enough that it doesn't let you postpone indefinitely (unlike "things to do before I die" lists). And 101 goals are a lot, but when you break them down into different categories, you start to realize how much you actually want to achieve in each part of your life.

For lack of a more significant starting point, I'll make mine start as of tomorrow, November  30, 2009, which means my 1001 days will expire on August 27, 2012 (I sort of haphazardly did this calculation, so if any math genius realizes I made a mistake, please let me know. The fact that there's a leap year thrown in the mix sort of confused me).

This is how I will update the list to show my progress:
Not yet started
In progress

So without further ado, I give you my list of 101 goals in 1001 days, in their respective categories.

For My Brain (school and work)
1. Apply to Grad School
2. Re-learn Spanish
3. Get into Grad School
4. Read at least one non-fiction book every two months (school reading excluded)
5. Do all my required course reading on time
6. Pass all my exams
7. Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher
8. Have an article or paper published (even in a school publication)
9. Graduate with an Master's in International Affairs
10. Get a job with an NGO (non-governmental organization)
For My Peace of Mind (relaxation and entertainment)
11. Read at least two books each month (school reading excluded)
12. Spend 10 minutes a day not doing anything
13. Go for a long walk every week
14. Watch all of Hitchcock's movies (that I haven't seen yet)
15. Watch all of Audrey Hepburn's movies (that I haven't seen yet)
16. Take a relaxing bubble bath at least once a month
17. Host a formal dinner party with cocktails
18. Join a book club
19. Write a short story

For My Threads (sewing)
20. Learn to use an invisible zipper foot
21. Sew a dress with an invisible zipper
22. Learn to use as pintuck foot
23. Sew a pintuck-front shirt
24. Sew a tailored shirt
25. Sew a pair of trousers

For My Friendships
26. Try to see my best friends living in other cities at least once a year
27. See my local friends as often as possible (once a week/once a month)
28. Send my friends cards for special occasions

For my Family
29. Spend more time with my mom
30. Spend more time with my dad
31. Spend more time with my brother
32. Remember my cousins' (and their children's) birthdays (all 18 of them), and send them cards

For Myself (beauty)
33. Get a manicure
34. Get a pedicure
35. Get a massage
36. Get a facial
(maybe I can really make an effort and do all of these more than once :)

For My Inner Wanderer (travel)
37. Visit Turkey
38. Visit Greece
39. Visit England
40. Visit the south of Italy (again)
41. Go someplace new once a week (a city, restaurant, park, whatever)
42. Take a road trip
43. Go on a boat

For My Inner Epicurian (food)
44. Cook something Thai
45. Cook something Indian
46. Cook something cajun/creole
47. Make puff pastry from scratch
48. Make a three-tiered cake
49. Make chai tea cupcakes
50. Make earl grey cookies
51. Grow (without killing) an herb garden
52. Eat ten things I've never eaten before

For My Security (money)
53. Apply for financial aid for Grad School (and get it)
54. Stop relying on my credit line for emergencies
55. Get a part-time job during Grad School
56. Put 20% of income in ING savings account
57. Become 100% independent from my parents
58. Only by shoes when necessary

For My Hands (crafts)
59. Learn to Use a Sewing Machine
60. Sew myself an article of clothing
61. Sew a purse
62. Re-learn how to knit
63. Knit a sweater
64. Knit a blanket
65. Make at least five gifts each year
66. Only send hand-made greeting/christmas/birthday cards

For My Body (health)
67. Exercise regularly (at least twice a week)
68. Take a yoga class
69. Lose 15 lbs
70. Run a 6-minute mile
71. Do 250 consecutive sit-ups
72. Do 50 consecutive push-ups
73. Beat my brother at arm wrestling (never going to happen)
74. Get health insurance

For My Cultural Growth (art and culture)
75. Re-learn to play the piano
76. Learn five new pieces
77. Go to the Orchestra (at least once)
78. Go to the Ballet (at least once)
79. Go to the Theater (at least once)
80. Visit a museum/gallery at least every two months
81. Take more photos

For My Improvement (skills)
82. Learn to properly drive stick shift
83. Become somewhat competent in html/coding
84. Learn to use photoshop
85. Learn to use my manual film camera

For My Inner Shopper (stuff)
86. Buy a better digital camera
87. Buy a good external disc drive
88. Buy a means of transportation (scooter or car, depending on where I end up)
89. Buy a brown leather jacket
90. Buy a pair of rain boots

For My Blog
91. Get and operate my own domain name
92. Improve my food photography
93. Add a separate Food Blog page
94. Add a separate Photography page
95. Add a separate Travel Blog page
96. Post at least fifteen times a month
97. Do NaBloPoMo every November
For Other People (altruism)
98. Volunteer with kids or Volunteer teaching English to adults
99. Set up an Etsy shop (which my mom can borrow to sell her lovely cards)
100. Make a charitable contribution each year
101. Help an old lady with her groceries


amy said...

Fun list!! Good luck! :)

Julia said...

I tried not to put too much boring one said they all have to be responsible goals (although the money and health ones are kind of boring)

Christina said...

Goodness, just *reading* your list was overwhelming! I'm glad you have nearly three years to do it.

What will you do first?

Lauren said...

Great list! I tried this and didn't get too far...oops! Good luck :)

Julia said...

it is a little overwhelming! luckily i didn't put anything impossible, like climbing mount everest, or running a four minute mile :)

De Lly Dilettante said...

Good luck!! ;D

instatick said...

YAY! I just finished my first 101 in 1001 and am about to embark on round two. Have fun!

Julia said...

thanks! And I expect all of you to hold me accountable to this list! if i start slacking, i need some virtual kicks in the butt! :0

Kate said...

i'll give you more than a virtual kick in the butt, especially if you stick to your goal of seeing your friends in other cities at least once a year!

GeekGoddess said...

Ahh. I relate to the whole re-learning Spanish goal (although mine is French). I studied it for 3 years and studied abroad there TWICE. Loved it. I am slowly starting to forget and that annoys the heck out of me. Even though I work in theatre now, I feel my whole life is just a glorified cover for me trying to get back to Europe. Someday. Someday.

Jessica said...

I think I might join you...that looks like fun and I'm all for lists.

TheBeautyFile said...

Fabulous list! I love setting a whole bunch of goals...makes me feel so responsible when I keep them!

Julia said...

i think i'm already failing, at least at all the weekly goals. i'm going to make a new rule that says this list doesn't apply when i have jetlag :)

Sarah Nicole said...

I enjoyed reading your list! Good luck!