October 21, 2009

Weekly Photo Essay: Beautiful Things I've Seen (aka pictures I took this summer)


the actual color of the water in calabria
(filmed on our pedal boat tour)

I was sitting at my desk, thinking about how much I don't want to be writing outlines for practice essays, reminiscing about the beautiful vacation Valerio and I took to Calabria and Sicilia in August. Then I was thinking about how I could liven up this drab-looking bog with a few pictures. And then it came to me: what better way to liven it up than with some snazzy snapshots from said vacation. So here they are, the pretty things I've seen...

delicious cipolle di tropea

a lonely little boat

a pedestrian street marker

the secret entrance to a beautiful restaurant

ceramic garden birds

olives in the greek theatre

you can't even see where the sea ends and the sky begins

i went swimming here in this little bay
and yes, that is a house on that little rock island
(it had a secret passage for the boat and everything)

this was on the front of a church... a pirate church, arrr!

detail of a decorated cart used for traditional ceremonies

and this next one, well...

...it has nothing to do with anything - it was taken in Rome -
but I thought it was funny that Sgt. Pepper was hanging out in the bidet.

p.s. oh yeah, I guess I'm thinking of starting a "weekly photo essay" type thing, otherwise the title of this post would be a little stupid. Stay tuned for more pretty pictures!

all photos © Julia Ritz Toffoli

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