October 1, 2009

Updates! Updates! Read all about 'em!

I have news! I have a working, legally mine scooter AND an awesome apartment with (I hope) awesome roommates. The room is the same price as the other one I was looking at, but probably at least 3 times as big, and instead of living with two stuffy old swedish prudes, I get to have three fun-loving (I hope) Italian girl roommates. Plus the neighborhood is beautiful and close to my work. All in all, I think I lucked out (after only 3 agonizing, hair-pulling, full-of-disappointment weeks of looking for a place). At the moment I'm waiting for my cousin Lorenzo to come over and help me start moving my stuff over there. Then between tomorrow and Sunday I'll get the rest of the stuff over there somehow.

No moving on Saturday because Valerio, Lorenzo and I are going to Viterbo to see Angela (my dad's cousin) and help her with the Vendemmia (the grape harvesting party where you get to walk on grapes with your feet and make wine! although I'm pretty sure there are no feet involved anymore... boo). I thought it was just a bunch of grape crushing and wine drinking, which sounded like fun, so obviously I said count me it. Man was I wrong. Apparently, we'll have to actually harvest the grapes, like off the vines, in giant heavy buckets. I just hope that at the end of the day, there'll be enough wine left over from last year's harvest to make up for all the heavy lifting.

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