October 30, 2009

Pausing for Beauty

print by labokoff

It's out of season, and it separates my Halloween post from the actual holiday, but I couldn't help pausing for this little moment of beauty.

People have asked my why I like poppies so much. They don't survive long enough to make it from the field to a vase, and even if they did, they would probably look kind of stupid with all of their skinny little stems bunched together. But that's exactly why they're so beautiful. They don't need to be all "arranged" Martha Stewart style to look good. Each flower is lovely alone, and it's most beautiful where it's meant to be seen. In nature. In France, when we were little, Lucas and I would pop open the buds to find the soft, velvety, wrinkly petals all curled up inside their fuzzy little green pod. Most of them were they same red they would be as bloomed flowers, but every once in a while we would find an un-pigmented albino poppy, with the same soft petals, but all white and translucent. So fragile and delicate, but strong enough to last a whole season of wind and rain - and produce the entire world's supply of opiates (legal and not) - which is no small feat. And, I assure you, is totally irrelevant to why I find them so pretty :)

Enjoy the pretty picture. And I wish everyone a safe, happy Halloween. Boo.


alexandra said...

i love poppies too! my fave is my state flower: the california golden poppy. they are the most beautiful shades of marigold and they grow everywhere but they are illegal to pick :(

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I'm a lover of poppies as well.

Very cool photo.