October 13, 2009

I Occasionally Like to Make Lists: Top Ten Pet Peeves I Thought of While Stuck in Traffic Today

Top ten Pet Peeves I Thought Of While Stuck In Traffic

1. When girls wear hoop earring, glasses, and a sparkly nose ring - it just looks trashy and cluttered.
2. When drivers straddle lanes and block the whole street - alas, it's the classic roman driving style.
3. When people match everything they're wearing - I get that purple is in season, but it does not look cool when you wear purple suede boots (ew, even by themselves), purple jeans, a purple sweater, purple pleather gloves and a purple scarf, all on the same day.
4. Gridlocking - when there's traffic and the light turns yellow, it means stop before the intersection, it doesn't mean drive into the middle of the intersection and get stuck there with a helpless look on your face blocking oncoming traffic when it turns green for the cross street.

Typical Rome Traffic Jam

5. When people walk reeeally slowly on the sidewalk and sort of sway from side to side making it impossible for you to walk past them.
6. When people fail to use their blinkers and then inevitably cut you off - its a half an inch movement with one hand, how hard can that be?
7. And speaking of blinkers, when people put on their blinkers, and then turn in the other direction.
8. Or when people leave their blinkers on, without ever turning, for a couple of kilometers - so you never know if or when they're actually going to turn.(Apparently they forgot to include blinker day in roman driver's ed!)
9. People who talk on the phone in the car while blocking the whole driver's side window with the elbow they're leaning on to talk on the phone, and then sort of drift into your lane because they forget that a world exists outside of their little conversation.
10. Women who wear stockings with open toed shoes. If it's cold enough to wear stocking, its too cold for open toed shoes, and if its warm enough for open toed shoes, you don't need stockings! Plus it looks stupid.

Yeah, so apparently when I've been stuck in traffic for 45 minutes (a ridiculously long time on a scooter, considering it can dart in and out of traffic jams in a jiffy) and start to get a little annoyed, the things that really tick me off are bad drivers and people who don't know how to dress.


Maria said...

What's a Pet Peeve Sweetheart, or is it a Peet Peve?

Inspiration in Italy said...

It is like you are reading my mind!!! Numbers 3 & 5 I have literally said almost word for word to my husband. What is the deal with the all-purple outfits!?! And the slow-walkers that sway....oh man. We usually end up walking in the middle of the street half of the time.