October 26, 2009

I Occasionally Like to Make Lists: 10 Ways to Get Over Post-Exam Withdrawal - Part II

and the list goes on...

6. Laugh a lot. Not that my life isn't funny enough  - god knows Valerio and I are always laughing about something - but there's something to be said for laughing out loud when you're all alone. Whatever you're looking at has to be pretty damn funny. For me, this has recently included online hilarities such as Cake Wrecks and the newly discovered "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. Allow me to illustrate my point:

A Classic Cake Wreck
(where the baker writes what the person asked to be drawn)

"Mrs" ... Or so she says

If anyone can add to my growing collection of funny online stuff to look at, let me know. I'm always looking for new things to crack me up.

7. Spend more time outside. Not necessarily to be active (I already covered that), but to walk around and seeing new/old things. I feel like I'm always at home, at UNICEF, giving lessons, or on my scooter going to or coming from one of these three places. I know the weather is starting to change and now with daylight savings (yesterday) the sun is setting around 6 pm, so there isn't much daylight left over at the end of the day. Rome, even in the chilly fall, is such a pretty place to just walk around and look at. Saturday afternoon Valerio and I took a walk around the center and walked up to the Pinicio (a sort of balcony in the park that looks over Piazza del Popolo), which I had never been to before.

And that's just the ridiculously overcrowded and mobbed by tourists city center. I can't even imagine all the hidden treasures there are to discover around my new neighborhood.

8. Plan a Halloween costume. You know you're growing up when a mere three years ago Halloween preparations began in September, and now you don't even start to think about it until five days before. Granted, I've had other more important things to worry about as of late, and I sort of already celebrated a dress-up holiday this year (Carnevale, in February), but still... Halloween used to be one of the favorite "holidays" and I think it deserves a minimum of recognition. Therefore I will dedicate the next few days to trying to find a creative yet not obscene Halloween costume. I'm thinking someone from a movie (although I'll never be able to match the genius of my Mia Wallace costume). Any suggestions?

9. Make a new English Teacher friend. Ok, this isn't really a "fun thing" I want to do, but rather something I have to do. I currently have a few English lessons that would like to continue with English after I leave in December, but they don't want to have to find a replacement on their own. So I have to take care of trying to find someone to replace me. But it can't be anyone. Not to toot my own horn, but in the two and a half years I've been teaching kids, I've developed a sort of method to working with them (which includes a lot of fun creative activities and crafts, which require a lot of pre-planning on my part) and most of the moms would hate to see me replaced by some dull bore who doesn't plan anything. So I not only have to find a replacement teacher, but someone who has experience working with kids creatively. Unfortunately for me, all of my native-speaking English-teaching friends have gone back to North America, so I have about zero leads. Oh yeah, this will be fun.

10. Just relax. I've run out of creative ideas, so my last thing to do is pretty simple. I want to spend a week not stressing about anything I have to do (I'll have plenty of time in November and December), and taking the time to do all the other things I mentioned on my list.

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