October 12, 2009

GREs and Earl Grey

So I'm finally all settled in my new apartment... lovely neighborhood, lovely roommates, lovely room... everything is just peachy! But now that I'm all moved in and unpacked (pretty much) I have no excuse to not be studying (which I have been doing all morning, I'm just taking a break now) and that's no fun.

Unfortunately for me, the part I enjoy studying the most (verbal) is the part I don't need to study at all! I was in the 99th percentile of verbal last time I took the GREs so this time around I really have to focus on quantitative and writing... boring boring boring... and hard! Geometry is one thing - finding the area of a circle isn't so hard - but standard deviations? Who has time to do all that with 90 seconds per question?! And don't even get me started on the writing section - planning and writing a Issue Essay in 30 minutes, with the vague statements they give you to debate? It's no fun. But I must...

So I made a cup of Earl Grey and hunkered down with some vocab review (exactly what I don't need to be doing) to make it easier to eventually ease into the data interpretations exercises and the essay outlines I'm not looking forward to one bit.

Luckily I have a lesson in 45 minutes, so I have an excuse to put everything off 'til tonight....

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