October 23, 2009


So tomorrow morning is the big day that the last month of my life has been leading up to. I finally get to take the damn GRE, again, and get it over with, again, so I can finally move on to other important and pressing issues in my life. I spent all of yesterday practicing math and verbal, doing over 300 multiple choice questions - I filled in so many of those little answer bubbles that they invaded my dreams last night - and a few essay outlines. Today is essay practice day, and this morning I did two full-length, timed essays, one of each, neither of which were half bad, if I do say so myself, and with time to spare for both! This afternoon I'll probably do another round of timed essays, after another full-length, timed exam. But I've worked hard all morning, and the test prep material says cramming too much on the day before can actually be detrimental (and who am I to contradict a reputable source that tells me I should study less?), so I thought I'd take a well-deserved break.

I thought I'd go for a little run (my second this season - yeah, I'm taking my time getting into the habit), then make a light lunch, and then eventually get back on the books. But before all this, I thought I also deserved a little bit of real down time - which is why I'm sitting here telling you about all of this. I actually wish I could take a little nap, but I'm pretty sure waking up sleepy would throw me off my game. Thanks to the rhino-sized (or at least rhino-weight) lady whose bedroom is directly above mine - and who I swear, wears heels to bed just so she can wake up at 1:30 am and stomp around in them above me (although she pretty much stomps around in them all day too) - my last few nights of sleep have been less than satisfactory. I've actually had vivid night-time fantasies about going upstairs and duct-taping padded slippers to her feet, or stealing all her shoes, or even cutting off her feet so she can never walk again (after a particularly irritating 10 minutes of her apparently running laps around her room). And in more lucid day time moments, I've seriously considered going up there and giving her an earful, but apparently no rhyme or reason works with her or her elderly employer, the crazy lady she takes care of - my roommates have tried everything to no avail. Ah well.

Anyhoo, enough of my annoyed ramblings. It's 2:20 already, and by 3:00 I'd like to be back at my desk studying, having run, showered and eaten - a long shot, I know.

More titillating news about my life after the exam tomorrow, I know you can't wait!

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alexandra said...

goooooood luck! kick that test's ass! you got it girl!