October 20, 2009

The Elusive Art of Procrastinating Productively

It is now 2:30 pm. I have been doing GRE math since 1 pm. If I have to look at another data interpretation question (and I know I'll eventually have to) I think I'll scream, so I'm taking a little sanity break, and distracting myself with frivolous issues, i.e. figure out what the hell am I doing with my life. Yeah yeah, this GRE nonsense is the priority... but then what? I know, I know, I'm going to Spain. Well, that would be all fine and dandy if I actually had a job. So far all I have is a couch to crash on, with the distant promise of possibly renting a room in an Auberge-Espagnole-style mad house. I don't even have the financial liquidity to survive there for a week without a job lined up. But that's not my priority right now. I need to be studying for the GREs.

Which leads me to my point, if I'm going to be taking sanity breaks from the GREs, I might as well spend that time productively looking for a job in Spain. This is going to be tough though, because I've already tried and been totally shot down (and by totally shot down I mean that after sending out something like fifteen resumes to language schools all over Madrid, the only answer I got back was from the London office of a school saying I had accidentally emailed them, but that they would be happy to forward my c.v. to their Madrid office - which of course, never answered me, along with the fourteen other schools I contacted). Granted, the financial crisis seems to have hit Spain a little harder than the rest of Europe. Maybe Spanish people have no money for luxuries like language classes. But that doesn't mean their language schools have to be rude and never even write back to say they aren't hiring. So I'm going to be pushy and email them all again. Because sadly, short of calling them and verbally harassing the HR managers there, I'm not really sure how else to keep looking. Anyone have any Madrid connections I could take advantage of?

Well, my twenty minute sanity break is over, back to GRE hell (although I'll probably take pity on myself and work a little on verbal instead of tackling pages of statistics again).

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