October 28, 2009

Blogging over Soup

That isn't to say that I would choose blogging over soup. It means that I am, literally, blogging over a hot bowl of soup - to be specific, a hot, steamy bowl of chunky vegetable minestrone, with bits of gooey melted camembert mixed in, topped with grated parmiggiano reggiano, and with a side of crusty french baguette. It's the perfect lunch. And now it's gone. Dang. I wish delicious food would last longer. So I'll stretch out the memory of my yummy lunch by waxing lyrical over soup.

My Lunch

And speaking of cheese in soup, I think it's high time I make my favorite cheese soup again - to be specific, Apple and Brie Soup. I was a little skeptical the first time I considered making it, but my curiosity immediately won over my skepticism, plus I happened to have a wedge of brie sitting in the fridge, and a stack of pretty green apples in the pantry, so I couldn't not try it. It was actually very good. Even Valerio, who is a wannabe finicky eater (but will actually try anything with a little coaxing) loved it. Being a dyed-in-the-wool Italian, at first he was all, "apples? in soup? blech!" but he managed to finish off his entire bowl and a bit of mine! What's not to love?

Yummy apples...

Plus yummy brie...

Equals yummy soup!

And I got this amazing recipe thanks to the LA Times' Culinary SOS. If you eat at a restaurant (I'm guessing only in the LA area) and you eat something you reeeeally love, but can't figure out how to make it yourself, you can email Culinary SOS and ask them to try to find the original restaurant recipe, and usually they do! (Excellent for unusual baked goods) And, they post them online, so anyone can get the recipe. Sometimes I really hate technology, but this is one of those times when I really don't.

I can't wait to make pumpkin soup, chock full ginger (the way Maman makes it, which I used to hate, but have grown to love), with a little drizzle of cream. But every time I go grocery shopping looking for pumpkin, it's all finished! Damn Italian mamas doing their grocery shopping in the morning and clearing out the store.

Man I love soup.

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Confessionelle said...

OMG the first pic looks amazing. I love food and everything about it!!