September 19, 2009

Yay for working scooters!

So my new (or should I say 12-year-old) scooter is working great! Team Valerio and Mauro (my amazing personal mechanics) are fixing her up to be a real beauty! They even put a makeshift acceleration block on it so that it would pass the test (legally, scooters can't go faster than 45k/h and this one did 75/80 k/h, so we had to slow it down considerably). And it's so shiny! Now I just have to go to the motorizzazione a couple more times, stop by my insurance guy, and I'll be mobile again! No more waiting 35 minutes for a bus that's supposed to come every 10 minutes! No more having to give up my seat on the metro to whiny old nuns out of guilt! No more crying babies in enclosed spaces!

Then I just have to find a place to live! Apparently people here are really bad at responding to emails about apartment listings. It's like they post their ad, and then take their sweet mediterranean time to see if there are any responses. 11 days and counting until I have to move out. I really hope I won't end up homeless!

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