September 26, 2009

The Woes of Moving

Moving is never fun. Especially when you don't have a new house yet! Well, I have a 99% sure option, and it's nearby and convenient. But its tiny, and today I discovered that when you live someplace for two and a half years, it's really really easy to accumulate stuff. So far, the thing I have most of is books - five whole boxes - which I guess is a good thing, since only one of those boxes is full of unread books, and they're all books I've gotten in the last two the good news is that I read a lot. yay. But I also have a lot of shoes (yeah yeah yeah, maman, you can save your "I told you so" for later). Not as many shoes as books, but I guess since I have so many books, it isn't a great comparison. And then I have to sort everything. Obviously, since I'm only moving somewhere for two months, it doesn't make sense to bring everything with me to the new place. So a lot of stuff is going to Santa Marinella for storage. But then I need to think of the stuff I won't need in the next two months, but that I'll need for December in Boston. And then the stuff I won't need until Spain. So much sorting!

But the worst part is that I don't have a house yet! Sure, if I move across the street, I could literally move on foot (which might actually be easier, since it's a hell of a maneuver to get from here to there by car). But if I move near work, I actually need a moving plan. And since the first of the month just happens to be smack in the middle of the week, my moving plan is going to be a little tricky to actually plan, especially since I don't have a car. But I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, since if I don't have a house to move into, it'll pretty much all be moot.

But I guess when I chose to live in a beautiful five bedroom apartment in the center of Rome - rent free - for two years, I waived my right to complain about anything house/rent/moving-related for a long while...

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