September 17, 2009

Running off the Cliff

So I'm a lemming. I started a blog too.

There will probably be moments when I'll want to kick myself for doing this, but right now my inner exhibitionist is too curious to see what blogging is all about for me to not be a little self-indulgent and start writing about myself. (that's my secret excuse at least...)

My "real" excuse is that transitions are a-coming and I figured keeping everyone posted here on my upcoming activities would be a lot easier than having to explain them everyone who asks. (A short preview: getting a new scooter and dealing with the bureaucratic crap involved, getting a new apartment, studying for the GREs...again, applying to grad school, going home in December, and trying to find work in Madrid while not actually in being in Madrid).

And also because the weird/hilarious/infuriating moments in my life are just too many to keep to myself and I know people love to hear funny stories... like the other day when this crazy lady at the supermarket not only paid for each item in her overflowing basket individually (getting change, a receipt and everything), but spent the whole time screaming at the cashiers and calling them "sheep-herding whores" (a rough translation).

So there ya go... now all you lucky people get to hear about my fun life. Only if you want. I don't have a captive audience (yet). So enjoy!

p.s. Kate and Becca - I'll finally get to cry about it in my "online journal"! yay!

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