September 24, 2009

Delicious Delights

So I was at UNICEF and I wrapped up what I was working on, and then got a little distracted... the NY Times health section led to an article about healthy eating which led to an article about the best food blogs which led me to start fantasizing about all the delicious things I could make for lunch (a dangerous topic since I ran out the door with hardly any breakfast and my pantry is reaching dangerous levels of soon-moving-out emptiness - which means I feel pretty much justified in going out and buying whatever I'll be craving when I leave here).

But when I finally settled on one blog, Pink of Perfection, I luckily got distracted from the soo scrumptious looking double chocolate cookies (which I totally intend to make at some point... maybe as a moving-day snack) by a post about ways to feel rich without spending any money. Normally I don't go for all that cheesy nonsense ("think about the people in your life and the richness of their love"...yeah yeah yeah). But this one actually had some not so terrible suggestions, like going to a fancy restaurant... for lunch, instead of splurging on dinner. Or like filling your shopping cart full of things you want...and then closing your browser. Internet window shopping is much more satisfying than actually holding the thing you want, in the store, and then having to put it down and walk away. Especially because there aren't any enthusiastic sales ladies telling you everything "makes your ass look fabulous" (oh man, Ellen DeGeneres cracks me up).

But all this "cheap ways to enjoy life" stuff only kept me piqued for so long, and of course I wandered back to the food stuff. Aside from the soo scrumptious looking double chocolate cookies, I found delicious-looking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and yummy-looking brownies!

And then I realized looking at food blogs is a little like window shopping, in that I can look at all these delicious things, and enjoy them, without having to go through the trouble of making them. (Although I probably will make them at some point, if my cravings get the best of me...last year around this time, I made chocolate chip cookies for like a month). In the end,  my cravings did get the best of me. But because I had neither the time nor the energy to bake all afternoon (I'm apartment shopping today!), I bought one of those quick non-bake cakes (lemon) to have with Valerio after a pork chop dinner tonight. Yum.

"Taking food and drink is a great enjoyment for healthy people, and those who do not enjoy eating seldom have much capacity for enjoyment of any sort"
                                                                  - Charles W. Eliot

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